Out of Packing Supplies?


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So, you’re running out of boxes….but before you go out and buy more, look around your home for some items you may already have that can be used for packing.

Do you have luggage?  You have to move it anyway, so fill it up with some of your stuff that is unbreakable; stuffed animals, toys, yarn, curtains, table clothes, etc.

Trash bags are not just for trash.  They can hold clothes, linens, bath towels, kitchen towels, pillows, and other soft stuff.  As for the towels, use some of them as protection for breakable items that are in your boxes.

Socks are handy items to protect fragile items from bumping against each other.  Roll socks to use as padding in your boxes.

Plastic bins are great for packing; then you can also use them for storage.  The transparent kind will help you identify your items without unpacking them.

Put small stuff in shoe boxes; then stack them and tape together.

Don’t forget to have twist ties, tape, and twine on hand to bundle small items.


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